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Morrain Lake sunrise
Banff Engagement Photos and Banff Wedding Photos

There's nothing better than photographing a couple in a natural environment, especially one like Banff National Park. The Rocky Mountains offer spectacular scenery for your backdrop. Lake Louise, Moraine Lake and many other glacier lakes within the Rocky Mountains offer that beautiful green, blue or turquoise color that makes any photograph special!

There are a couple of things to consider when booking a photographer for an engagement, wedding, elopement, honeymoon or couples session in Banff National Park or the Rocky Mountains. Banff National Park requires more time, more planning and the price is slightly higher for a Banff wedding photography package or Banff engagement photos or any sort of excursion into a National Park.

Additional Fees: Banff Wedding Photography Packages

Parks Canada License

There are fees associated with photographing in Banff National Park and many other National parks in Canada. A Banff wedding photographer should have a business license issued by Parks Canada authorizing him/her to operate within the park. 

The Town of Banff Licence

The town of Banff has the authority to issue business licences for in-town business. The trick is knowing the town of Banff boundaries.

The photograph above was taken at Moraine Lake. It would be subject to the fees associated with Banff National Park (Parks Canada issued), but not the fees associated with the town of Banff. If you were planning your wedding day at the Rimrock Hotel, the photographer would be required to get a permit for the town of Banff, but not for Banff National Park.

The current rate for a one day, temporary license fee in the town of Banff is $214.00. 

Banff National Park

Parks Canada issues licences for business within a National Park in Canada. For Banff National Park (outside of the town of Banff), the current business licence fee for one year is  $196. (Listed here). To acquire a business licence, a photographer must have liability insurance, proof of GST or business registration with Canada Revenue Agency, Certificate of Insurance Number and a letter from the hotel giving the photographer permission to photograph the event on their property. Basically, the photographer must have a little bit of time to do some paperwork! F Parks Canada, phone 1-250-343-6117 to obtain a business lience.

Day Pass

There is a day pass needed for anyone traveling with a vehicle in Banff National Park. The cost is minimal and the pass can be purchased upon entry into Banff National Park. The current fees are here.


Lake Louise, Moraine Lake and Emerald Lake are some of the popular tourists sites in the Rockies. There are other popular destinations such as Mount Rundle, Lake Minnewanka and Johnton's Canyon and even more towards Jasper. I love all of these places and so do many other tourists. The color of the lakes, the mountains ~ all fantastic! Timing is essential though.

The sunrise photograph above was taken at 5:30 am in June. I left Banff at 5:00 am. If I wanted to get this photograph and I was in southwest Calgary, I'd have to leave at 3:30 am.  For those that are coming to Canada, the sun rises early and stays up late in the summer months. This is something to take into consideration for Banff wedding photos, honeymoon photos, and family photos.

The best time to drive to Moraine Lake or Lake Louise is early in the morning because the closest parking lots will be full by 9:30 am. (That means leaving Calgary at 7:30 am!) After about 9:30 am, people are required to take a shuttle bus from a Parking Lot along Highway #1 to Lake Louise. It adds about thirty minutes of travel time each way.


There are lots of other places to go in Banff National Park, lots of hiking trails that aren't as populated as Lake Louise and that area.  

An Excellent Alternative: Kananaskis Country Photography

Kananaskis Country which is in a Provincial Park with stunning view, fewer tourists and it's an hour closer to Calgary. Kananaskis Country does not require a day pass. You can also leave Calgary at a decent hour and not worry about parking lots being full.

Photography: The Town of Canmore

A photographer must apply for a business licence within the Canmore town boundaries. The cost of the licence is $75 for three days.

Provincial Parks in the Kananaskis district (Alberta Parks) do not require a wedding photographer to get a business licence. For more information, please go to or call 403-591-7774.

Ability or Willingness or Style

I am the photographer that will go on a 8 kilometer hike with you, if that's what you want to do. Let me know your plans!


I get a lot of inquiries about Banff wedding photos and Banff engagement photos. I offer Banff wedding photography packages. It is currently a trend to take photos on honeymoons as well! Call me! I'd love to do that with you.


I get inquiries from people who are travelling from all over the World and I love hearing about what everyone is doing!  Please contact me and tell me your plans!